How Do Parental Controls Work?

Product Features

CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2010 provides fully automatic Parental Control software that allows you, the parent, to provide your children with a safe Internet environment.

Simple to use, it allows you to supervise Instant Messaging applications by blocking specific words or phrases, banning offensive users and alerting you in real time in the event of any suspicious activity.

See how easy it is to get involved in your children's lives:

Conceal Information, Revealing Words and Profanities - CA Parental Controls allows you to conceal certain words either from being typed or seen. You make a list of such words, e.g. the name of your children's school, your home address, or specific profanities, and if these words are used, either by your children or by the person they are conversing with, CA Parental Controls will conceal them in real time.

Your child will not be exposed to inappropriate language or cyberbullying and will not be able to reveal personal information. Moreover, you can decide to automatically block a contact that has used one of these words, screening potential cyberbulliers.

Real Time Alerts - an advanced Real Time Alerts system that informs you of internet misuse. CA Parental Controls will keep you in the know, providing Real Time Email Alerts in case sensitive words are used by your children or by the person they are conversing with in Instant Messaging conversations.

Conversation Logs - detailed reports of Instant Messaging conversations. This feature in CA Parental Controls allows you to monitor your children's Instant Messaging conversations and make sure they are not victims of harassment or online bulling. Knowing about these situations at an early stage will allow you to intervene and resolve the matter before it develops.

Block Specific Offenders and Manage Contact Lists - anyone can start an online conversation with your child. Most have no malicious intentions. However, CA Parental Controls is giving you for the first time an effective tool to get involved and block offenders and suspicious chat partners. Alternatively you can provide a closed list of approved partners, such as family members and friends. This way your child will not converse with strangers online.

Block Instant Messaging Applications - when this feature is turned on your children will not be able to use Instant messaging applications all together. CA Parental Controls is constantly updated with a list of the most common Instant messaging applications, so you can choose whether to enable or disable specific software.

In addition to CA Parental Controls protection when chatting by IM applications, it also offers filtering tools that automatically screen the Internet for inappropriate material, block unauthorized content and alert you in the event of abuse.

As always at CA Technologies, we believe the parents determine their level of involvement in their children's lives and you can select what you want to know and when it should be reported. With CA Parental Controls, you will never be in the dark and you will have the power to guide and protect your child as you see fit.

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Did you know that teens and adolescents:

  • Spend 6 1⁄2 hours daily in front of screens, more than any other activity except sleeping
  • 90% have been exposed to online porn
  • 14% have received unwanted online sexual solicitations
  • 20% have met in person with someone they first met online
  • 23% of teens who have been contacted by a stranger online say they felt scared